Whistle-Happy Refs Eject Henry Sims For This Elbow In A Preseason Game

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Henry Sims Alan Williams

Henry Sims is going to want to forget Wednesday's game against the Suns ever happened. Playing in his first minutes of this preseason, Sims racked up 3 fouls, 1 turnover, 1 rebound and missed his only field goal attempt before getting ejected after 3 minutes of action. The very questionable flagrant foul 2, which led to his ejection, happened when Sims was trying to protect the ball, lifted his elbows and made contact with Alan Williams' face.

It's tough to tell if it was intentional or not but considering this is preseason and guys like the undrafted Sims are just fighting (no pun intended) for a roster spot, you would think the refs could put their mission to make the NBA the softest league in sports on hold until at least the regular season.

Besides making this questionable call, the refs called 79 fouls, which led to 106 free throw attempts and 3 players fouling out.

But, one thing the Jazz can't blame on the refs was their 2nd half collapse, which saw the Suns come back from 30 and pull out a one point victory.