White Guy Wearing A “White Men Can Jump” T-Shirt Wins The BET Dunk Contest

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Brent Barry

This almost sounds like a joke: A white guy wearing a “White Men Can Jump” T-shirt competes in the BET dunk contest and comes away with the trophy. That’s what happened on Saturday at the BETX event, but the white guy isn’t your ordinary white guy with no hops or even Brent Barry hops. This guy is Rafal “Lipek” Lipinski and if you have been following Ballislife.com over the years, then you have probably seen at least 20 posts showing Lipek travelling around the globe and winning contests by executing everything from 360 between the leg dunks to as close of a 720 you are ever going to see.

Enjoy the dunks as well as these great dunks by Kenny Dobbs, Chris Staples and Guy Dupuy.