Who Dunked It Better? Steve Francis (2000) vs Jahii Carson (2014)

Shout out to our friends over at Baseline Leaner for this vid.

5’11 Jahii Carson of the Wollongong Hawks participated and won the 2014 Stratco Patios Dunk Contest this past weekend and brought back some sweet memories of the greatest NBA dunk contest of all-time: The 2000 NBA Dunk Contest.

Some consider that contest the day Vinsanity officially went viral while many others, like Baseline Leaner and myself, like to call that event the “any other night” contest.  That “any other night” refers to Tracy McGrady and Steve Francis putting on an amazing dunk exhibition that would have won a NBA dunk contest on “any other night!”  But on that night, T-Mac’s cousin, Vincent Lamar Carter showed up for his one and only dunk contest appearance and nobody on planet Earth had a chance – not even Stevie Franchise and his still impressive slingshot dunk.

I’m sure Torrey Craig and Brian Conklin had that “no-chance” feeling Francis had in 2000 when they were watching Carson channel Francis at the pre-season Blitz event.

Let’s honor Jahii and his win by looking back at the time he competed against Amir Garret and Nick Johnson in our inaugural Ballislife All-American Game and Dunk Contest in 2011

And by looking back at the man who possessed him this weekend.

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