Who is Tim Frazier and Why Is He Putting Up Big Numbers Against Steph Curry?!?

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The Pelicans Tim Frazier is so unknown, he even tweeted, “Who is Tim Frazier” on Friday night! The tweet was actually directed at Stephen A. Smith, who earlier in the week said, “Tim Frazier, who the hell is that? Who? Who?”

If you didn’t know who he was earlier in the week, there’s a good chance you know now. The H-Town product and 2015 D-League ROY and MVP dueled with 2 x NBA MVP Steph Curry on Friday and put up an impressive 21 points (10-18 fg), 10 assists and 6 boards.  He even trash-talked Curry, who finished with 23 points (8-19 fg) and 7 assists in the Warriors’ victory.

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The 21 points is a career-high for Frazier, who had 15 points, 11 assists and 4 steals in his last game and ended last season with some impressive performances.

  • 4/13/16: 6 points & 15 assists
  • 4/11/16: 20 points & 11 assists
  • 4/8/16: 7 points & 12 assists
  • 4/3/16: 19 points & 13 assists

AND NOW YOU KNOW (Stephen A. Smith)…