Who Shot Ya? Lance Thomas with the Epic flop of the Year

Who is this Lance Thomas and why do basketball rules not apply to him?

You might remember his epic triple violation against the Hornets last week when he stepped out of bounds, then traveled, then double dribbled before scoring without a whistle (video proof below).

It was Shaqtin’ a Fool gold and last night against the Celtics, a fan must have been upset that this Thomas guy is allowed to get away with those type of crimes so he shot Thomas in the 4th quarter as Thomas was trying to grab a loose ball!  The shooter has not been found but some suspect that Thomas was not shot but in fact faked getting shot by flopping.

If that’s the case then forget Bradley Cooper’s performance in American Sniper, the Oscar should go to Lance Thomas for his performance in New York Sniper.

And if you haven’t seen Thomas’ brilliant performance in “The Man Who Bent the Rules” then here’s the short film – for your consideration.