John Wall Brought Suge Knight To The Celtics Funeral Fail In Game 6!?

No funeral today! The Boston Celtics came to Game 5 wearing all black, hoping to end the Wizards’ playoff run but after John Wall put up 23 2nd half points and a game-winning three, the Wizards will live another day.

“It was just funny to me. It was kind of copy-catting what we did,” said Wall, whose Wizards did the funeral thing against the Celtics earlier this year. “It was in my mind throughout the game that I didn’t want them to come here, wear all black, and basically call it a funeral.”

What’s funny to me is some of the dead and people of the past who showed up for the funeral: Albert Einstein came back from the grave to attend and a young looking Suge Knight was also in attendance to witness Wall stab Celtics fans in the heart. I guess the former Death Row CEO is out on bail, fresh out of jail, Washington dreaming as a bodyguard again.

Actually the Suge Knight look-a-like is Wall’s personal bodyguard David Best.