Who Would Win A Fight Between Serge Ibaka and James Johnson?

In the third quarter of Tuesday's testy Miami Heat victory over the Toronto Raptors, James Johnson and Serge Ibaka were ejected after a quick tussle that actually featured A PUNCH! It wasn't a knockout punch or anything as good as Doug Christie's uppercut on Rick Fox or Jermaine O'Neal's sliding jab against a fan during the Malice at the Palace but it was a punch...in today's NBA. You know, the NBA that Kevin Durant thinks is one where you can say what you want to people and never get punched.

When it happened, a bunch of people started tweeting who they thought would win this fight if they were really serious. Obviously, I can't prove that James Johnson would beat the $#it out of Ibaka, but I can provide some facts and thoughts to why I feel he would. I'll also include some reasons why Ibaka might surprise me and win a fight against...


  • 2nd degree black belt
  • 20-0 kickboxing record (7-0 MMA fights)
  • 8 siblings, all are black belts
  • Nicknamed Little Ali as a kid
  • Derrick Rose stayed in his room during a stay at the haunted Skirvin Hotel in OKC
  • Bonus: Once tried to murder Steph Curry

SERGE IBAKA (6'10", 236 LBS)

  • Grew up in the Gongo, where "Courts were creased with cracks and backboards were made of wood. Kids who had sneakers rather than the widespread plastic shoes remedied holes in the soles with cardboard inserts." And during the Second Congo War.
  • 17 siblings but "only" grew up with 10!
  • Asked Dana White if the UFC was interested in organizing a fight between him and Matt Barnes.
  • He dated Keri Hilson, which means he probably had to fight off a lot of dudes.
  • Has got into scuffles with Metta World Peace, LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin, Luis Scola and Robin Lopez. But his thrown punch at Lopez missed so I'm holding that against him.



Source: Hot Hot Hoops, News OK