Is There Anything Wrong With Buying Affordable Retail Jordan “Knock Offs?”

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“So your mom bought you some cheap a$$ Jordan knockoffs at Payless. You look like a loser with those fake a$$ Js. I paid $200 for my last kicks”

That’s what I once heard a kid say to another and it took a lot for me not to go off on his kicks, that he feels are so praise worthy because they cost less than my monthly car note, a 10th of my monthly mortgage payment and what I and millions of other responsible parents pay a week just for child care.

For many of those parents, spending $200 on some trendy shoes for their kids instead of putting it towards bills, in a savings account or a college fund is just ridiculous. And for many, many others parents, spending $200 is just not an option because there’s no money left after putting a roof over your head, food in your stomach and clothes on your back.  When I say clothes on your back, I mean shoes on your feet too but not shoes that cost as much as groceries and gas to get to and from a mentally and physically draining 9-5 job or jobs for some.

But I do like fancy sneakers. I have no issue at all with people paying for these fancy sneakers. I just hate the people who put down people who can’t afford those sneakers and end up buying more affordable “knock-offs.”  When I say knock-offs I don’t mean those AIR JOURDAN bootlegs at the flea market and on street corners made by some guy who specializes in creating bootleg Disnknee backpacks and Poochie purses.  I’m talking about the products you buy at retailers like Payless, Wal-Mart and in the example above, K-Mart.  Those BOGOHO $29.99 Sport Blue’ III looking shoes wont be seen on the feet of your favorite rapper on stage or on the feet of your favorite ball player on or off the court but they will appear on thousands of feet  of everyday kids with hard-working and caring parents.  Parents who go to Wal-Mart and buy Great Value brand groceries instead of name brands. Parents who will buy Mountain Lighting instead of Mountain Dew and might come home with a box of Mighty Mutant Power Turtles….ok this is pretty ridiculous.



So leave this TMNT rip-off at the store or wherever you found it, but feel free to buy some Shaq knock offs at Pay-Less, Target or Ross.


They will get you from point A to point B just as quickly and if you can’t play basketball, you will suck just as bad with these on as you would with some $200 Jordans.

As for impressing people, I’ve never heard of someone getting a job or a good wife because of a sneaker collection. I’ve also never heard a parent tell their child how proud they were of them because of how many J’s they have in their closet. But I have heard a lot of people – especially from low income families – give Shaq a lot of praise for making affordable shoes that people are not getting shot and killed for every year.