Why Is Anyone Surprised 5'8 Kay Felder Had The 2nd Highest Vertical Leap In NBA Combine History?

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Kahlil Felder

Oakland's high-flying little man, 5'8 Kay Felder, generated some big buzz in the past few days after Draymond Green tweeted about the shortest player at the NBA combine when Felder tied the combine record for max vertical (44 inches).

The Oakland Golden Grizzlies then released an impressive mixtape (above) showcasing Felder's hops with the caption, "Why is anyone surprised Kay Felder had the 2nd highest vertical leap in the history of the NBA Combine? #Bounce #WEARtheBEAR?"

But don't think Felder is just big hops in a small package. Felder is the total package with the ability to put up big points (over 1,000 in college and 37 in a classic game against Michigan State) and rack up a lot of assists (led the nation with 9.3 dimes per game). And now that more people know his name and aspects of his offensive games, there's still one thing he wants to show during his upcoming workouts with NBA teams.

"I was going to prove it, whether it was going to be here or at workouts, I was going to prove that I can play defense," Felder said at the Combine.