Will Barton & The Longest Dunk Scream You Will Ever Hear

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Will Barton

I’m confused. When you watch Will Barton’s vicious dunk against the Pelicans you will hear a very, very long scream.  I assumed it was Will – who else would it be?  It wasn’t a teammate and there’s only about 100 people in the crowd and I’m assuming most of them are fans of the Pelicans.  Then I saw the replay from under the basket and it doesn’t look like Barton is screaming.  It just looks like he’s yelling and cursing at Luke Babbitt for getting out of the way and not being a part of a poster.

UPDATE: Will solved the mystery for us.

The mysterious scream reminds me of the final dunk in the movie ‘Blue Chips’ when you hear Shaq scream while you can clearly see he’s not screaming (1:00 mark).

So inn honor of Barton, who had a nice line of 17 points, 7 boards, 2 assists, 2 blocks and 1 steal off the bench, here’s a couple clips of of my favorite post dunk screamer.