Will Bunton 2012 NC Pro-Am mixtape – Crazy Hops!

Will Bunton of Lamar Community College is one of the best dunkers in the world that you have probably never heard of.  I have two crazy stories from this summer about Will’s talent.

This Summer he participated in two NBA3X events (Denver & Charlotte).   At the Denver event he unofficially became the first man to ever dunk on every person on the court.  Let me explain.  A teammate missed a layup and since it’s 3 on3 all 5 players, this includes his two teammates, went up for the rebound but Will was out by the 3 point line.  He went to crash the boards, outjumped everybody, caught the ball with 1 hand, cocked it behind his back and dunked on every woman, man and child under the basket.  It might of been the best dunk I ever saw live….or maybe just that summer.

A few weeks later we were running another NBA3X event in Charlotte and Will came eventhough his two teammates bailed on him.  I hooked him up with a photographer and some guy wearing jeans that said he could play.  I might as well have given Will a gun shot to the foot and 10 shots of Vodka then these two handicaps.  I don’t remember the score but I remember Will’s team losing their two games but I also remember Will scoring every point and blocking a defenders dunk attempt.

Back to the video.  Will was at the NC Pro-Am and showcased his dunks, shot blocking ability and pull up jumper.  Shout out to Elite Mixtapes for the mix.   Below are some more Will dunks that hopefully will make you go to his Facebook Fan Page and hit the like button http://www.facebook.com/pages/William-Will-Bunton-Page/225956040789937

Will with the black Ballislife Shirt and elite socks!



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