Will Bynum punches Psycho T (Tyler Hansbrough) in the gut

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Will Bynum Tyler Hansbrough

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Head or gut?  One of my favorite lines from the late Tony Scott’s “The Last Boy Scout.”   This is what Bruce Willis would ask people that deserve a punch before punching them in their chosen section.

Last night, down by 20 in the 4th, 6’0″ Will Bynum didn’t bother asking the 6’9″ Tyler Hansbrough the question but did what many people have been wanting to ask and then do to Psycho T for a very long time – a punch to the gut.  It did result in an ejection for Bynum and i’m sure Stern will give him a day off for his actions.  I recommend he use that day off to watch “The Last Boy Scout.

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For the people that have seen the film here’s 50 of the funniest scenes.

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One last bonus clip.

[youtube id=”ymVPbnKgoUo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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