Wilt Chamberlain wins $5 bet by making 4 straight hook shots from 3 point range

Great video from a 1972 Lakers documentary showing the great Wilt Chamberlain and John Trapp making a small bet of $5 (considering inflation that’s only about a $27 bet) that Wilt couldn’t hit a 4th hook shot from 3 point range.  Now I would say that’s a safe bet against any other human but we are talking about Wilt here and there’s no stat or accomplishment that shocks me about him.  If he can hit over 20k of a certain stat then I believe he can hit 4 of these.

Back to the money topic, if you are thinking about how much a current player would bet on this (remember Gilbert Arenas & DeShawn Stevenson shooting it out for $20k – video below), keep in mind, Wilt signed with the Lakers for $250k (approx $1.5 million today).  Craziest thing about that was the controversy it created because the 2nd highest paid Laker at the time was Jerry West at $100k before taxes.



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