Wizards troll the Blazers on Twitter after win

Players in this post:
Damian Lillard John Wall

A beef between John Wall and Damian Lillard would be so much more exciting but I guess this will have to do.  Just imagine the guy posting tweets for these NBA accounts being as cool as Damian Lillard on 4 bar Fridays.

Back in December, when the Blazers had the best record in the league, they posted a tweet asking if it was “too late to join the Eastern Conference? Asking for a friend”

Last night after the Wizards beat the Blazers, The guy behind the Wizards Twitter account trolled the Portland one by replying to the 2 month old tweet saying “It’s never too late, come back anytime.”

After losing 5 out their last 10 games, the Blazers still have the 3rd best record in the West, which would also be the 3rd best in the East. As for the Wizards, with their win last night, Washington is over .500 for the first time in over 4 years. But thankfully the Wizards are in the East and that .511 record is good enough for 5th in the conference.



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