WNBA unveils new logo…and it’s not Brittney Griner | Top 10 Dunks in WNBA history


The Pelicans logo isn’t the only new basketball logo that you will probably never appear on anything in your wardrobe.  The WNBA unveiled it’s new logo and announced it’s contract extension with ESPN through 2022.  Yes, that means the NBA Shooting Stars event at All-Star weekend will probably still be around for another decade.

To celebrate the new logo, that is not Brittney Griner, here’s the Top 10 Dunks in WNBA history!  When we update this video in a year I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the clips are replaced by Griner.

[youtube id=”WgDd8AXv14M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

(early April Fools joke)



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