WoJ Podcast: Jamal Crawford On Why He Has To Play Basketball Every Day, Kanye, MJ & More



Jamal Crawford aka Benjamin Button joined Adrian Wojnarowski on the latest episode of “The Vertical Podcast with WOJ” to share some amusing stories from Crawford’s 17-year and counting career. The story which will probably get the most attention is about former teammate (twice) Eddy Curry and how Chicago native Kanye West was “in awe” of the former Chicago high-school star and Bull.

“We traded Elton Brand for him because he and Eddy weren’t going to be able to play together and Elton was a bonafide 20 and 10 guy who just won Rookie of the Year.” Said Crawford about Eddy, who used to also play with Jamal on Jay-Z’s Rucker Park team. “Me and Eddy we went to the Vibe Awards, we were in L.A. on a trip, and Kanye West was there. A younger Kanye west, he was just producing mostly, he saw Eddy Curry and he was in awe. Like, he knew everything about him, he was like, looking up at him like, That’s Eddy!”

Here’s a few other great moments from the must-listen (every Jamal Crawford conversation is a must-listen) podcast.

  • At age 16, playing well against Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Vin Baker and other Sonics
  • Signing a letter of intent to play with Tark the Shark
  • The phone call from Jesus after putting his name into the NBA draft
  • Meeting Michael Jordan, who was working out at 6:30 in the morning, and having MJ introduce him to Jay-Z
  • Kanye and Curry
  • Explaining his untouchable 4-point play record and how he knows when one is coming
  • How he became a 6th man in Atlanta and why it’s easier to be a starter
  • Keeping “the blade sharp” by playing basketball everyday in the summer when other players don’t.
  • The Seattle brotherhood and his role as a mentor for younger players from Seattle.

A few of these stories were also discussed and elaborated on in our mini-documentary/interview with Crawford. If you are a Crawford fan, I highly suggest you watch the entire thing (and I’m not just saying that because I’m the one interviewing him).