Worst NBA Flops of the Year (2012/13) | New Playoff flopping policy

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At the start of the season, the NBA unveiled it’s 5 step flopping policy that stars off with a phone call warning and goes up to a $30k fine.   Those fines didn’t scare the Clippers and a few other players in the league this past season.  Now that we are going into the playoffs, the NBA introduced it’s new 5 step policy that skips the phone call and starts off with a $5k fine.  2nd is $10k, 3rd is $15k and 4th violation is a $30k.  The 5th violation doesn’t have a specific punishment but the league said it’s subject to punishment “reasonable under the circumstances” which means it depends on who the player is, what game/series did it happen in and how many people will care if that player is suspended or not since a 5th violation would most likely occur late in the playoffs.

Let’s enjoy some of the best flops of the year and hope we don’t see many more in the next few weeks.




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