Yao Ming Blocks A Bullet For An Elephant | Raising Awareness of Ivory Poaching in Kenya

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Yao Ming

Yao Ming recently took a trip to Kenya and walked with locals tribes in an effort to raise awareness of Ivory poaching and let the people in China know about how many elephants and rhino’s are killed to make shitty trinkets sold there.

From the Washington Post

Images of Yao in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve included the towering former Houston Rockets center walking among colorfully dressed Kenyan tribeswomen and riding in a safari vehicle through a field full of elephants. But one of the starkest images was of Yao bending down to look at the carcass of an elephant whose face was carved away by poachers seeking the beast’s valuable ivory tusks.

Labeling the question too sad to answer, Yao demurred when asked about his feelings on seeing the dead elephant, a withered, faceless corpse, though he said he saw “evil” in the killing.

Julius K. Kipng’etich, the director of the Kenya Wildlife Service, gave Yao a tour of a KWS room filled with hundreds of elephant tusks. Kip, as the director is known, said he hopes Ming takes back the message to China to say that when Chinese people buy ivory, they are helping lead elephants to extinction.

“It’s time to say no, because only elephants should wear ivory,” Kip said. “Africa has only 400,000 elephants. That’s it. If we kill all of those. It’s finished.”



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