Yelzenbah!! Taj Gibson drunk looking for cheerleaders | dunk over DWade

Bull’s Taj Gibson and entourage crossed paths with a TMZ employee who shockingly recognized the I haven’t seen Taj look this excited since he dunked on D Wade in the playoffs.   Hopefully the next time we are watching a YouTube video of Gibson it will be him dunking another Heat player and yelling “Yelzenbah!” and I don’t mean at the Cheerleaders.

Also worth noting and laughing about is the TMZ headline: Chicago Bulls “Star” RAGES through Hollywood.  I was expecting a Rose video.  Then maybe a Noah or Boozer. Maybe even Nate Robinson or Rip. Deng? I know Hinrich and Vlad have their own cult following.  Then I was thinking it can’t be a Nazr video so it had to be a clip of Belineli attacking people in Cali.

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