Yg Disses Problem ?

skip to the 15min mark

During this interview West Coast artist Yg talks about his up coming album and his surprise feature from Drake. The young 2011 XXL Freshman has worked with a lot of big names in the game such as 2 chains, Chris Brown,Nipsey Hussel and more.  He also talks about who he wants to work with from the west coast in the near future. Some of the names that he mentioned was Tyler the Creator,Dom Kennedy, and Kendrick Lamar. According to him he knew Kendrick Lamar before he became a hip hop living legend. Apparently the two grew up in the same city on the rough streets of Compton. However when asked about up n coming artist Problem (who also grew up on the West Side of Compton), Yg acts as if he doesn’t know who he is. Even though Compton is one of the most well known city’s in the world it is not that big of a city. Yg is known in the west coast for his club music and gangster rap. Despite his hood image and “ratchet music” he has produced several hit songs. Problem is also known for his “Turnt up” music and raw lyrics but he’s very versatile as well. Now that Problem has been taking over the club scene i guess YG feels some type of way. He says there’s a lot of people that’s biting his style and he doesn’t respect that. In my opinion the two have very different styles and  even though their topics may be similar they both have their own unique sound. After the release of his last street album  “The Separation” Problem is also working on his album. I wonder if he will bring this up on his next ep.





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