You go (to the ER) girl! Tierra Floyd with the nasty ankle breaker on defender (who also takes a knee to the face)

This game happened a few months ago so hopefully the victim has healed and is walking again. Since comedy is tragedy + time, I feel comfortable laughing and posting about a women getting hurt...really really bad.

So the abuser in this video is 6'0" Tierra Floyd of the Notre Dame Eagles.  With less than 20 seconds left in the 2nd she crossed her defender so bad that her ankle breaking move literally look like it broke or tore some bone or ligament.  If that crossover wasn't painful enough, the defender ends up hitting her face on the knee of another Eagles player and what she probably didn't notice was that Floyd drained the 3 pointer.    Hitting that 3 is what separated this video from most streetball videos you have probably seen where a defender gets dropped only to watch the offensive player brick the jumper.

All jokes aside.  Congrats to Floyd and the Eagles on a great season and I really do hope the defender is ok and a good sport about this post.




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