Fans go off on the NBA’s YouTube account for Mike Conley’s not so “killer” crossover

Mike Conley is having a really solid season and had another great game last night against the Hawks with 21 points, 13 assists and 4 steals.  I don’t think anybody will accuse me of exaggerating or over selling Conley’s season or game but the same can’t be said for the NBA’s YouTube account.

I’ve had fun all year joking about the NBA going from using words like “good, nice, impressive” to “sick and nasty” on their YouTube clips to be more like us and the Ballislife type orgs that are guilty of exaggerating (dunk of the year anybody?) and using pornographic sounding titles in our clips.  Last night, the NBA uploaded a clip of Conley driving past Shelvin Mack and scoring and they titled it “Mike Conley’s Killer Crossover on Shelvin Mack”

KILLER CROSSOVER. When I hear those two words together I think of Tim Hardaway and then I think of guys like Allen Iverson, Shamgod, Bone Collector, Jamal Crawford, you get the point.   Well, let’s just say the Youtube community felt a little cheated after watching the video that did not bring up comparisons to the players I just mentioned.

Here’s some of the best lines.

  • If this is a killer crossover i’m Hannibal Lecter then…
  • If that’s a Killer crossover I’m allen iverson
  • Yeah NBA its a killer crossover, mack is in the ICU right now. smh “KILLER”
  • The NBA is great at over exaggerating
  • Wow I thought “killer” as in the defenders legs broke haha
  • This is a killer crossover but when lowry breaks livingstons ankles its not even posted on NBA or Top 10 nice logic
  • And who even the bench wasn’t enthusiastic, much less the crowd and the announcers.
  • Oh please NBA… That cross was far from being killer… Please upload a crossover where there is no screen.. That’s why AI is the king of the crossover, he doesn’t need a screen.
  • all u YouTube refs forgot your uniform at home or something.
  • This may get lost in the sea of comments but im sexually attracted to pencil sharpeners
  • where is everybody

If you want to see some killer crossovers then watch this and thank me later.


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