YouTubers Go Off On JR Smith’s Lob Throwing Abilities After LeBron’s Sick Alley-Oop Dunk

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You would think the most liked comment on this video of JR Smith throwing a lob to LeBron would be about LeBron. Right? Nope! The comment section turned into a roast of Smith.

“Is it safe to say that J.R Smith is the worst lob thrower in the league?”
“This JR guy just can’t through a proper lob, Man I missed DWade!!”
“J.R’s lob game is weak AF compared to Wade back in the day. #WayOfWade”
“That Lob was sloppier than the blowjobs curry fans give to each other.”
“These come out so good becuz JR can’t pass for shit”
“JR out here tryna break lebrons neck with these lobs”
J.R can’t lob for shit. Come back to Miami where Wade can through lobs perfect!
“This is literally 2 nba videos in a row where JR Smith throws a terrible lob pass, but Lebron has to bail his ass out anyway.”

Well damn! At least YouTube user Niko Jay was there to say something positive: J.R.’s shit lob throwing skills push lebrons ability and actually make the dunks he does look even more amazing in my opinion.

And user IShorty agreed…well, sort of.

“That was such a shitty lob but I think because it was shitty, it made it look cooler lmao”

As president of the JR Smith Fan Club, i’m going to have to defend (no pun intended) him and show some pretty sick passes from the man who WILL actually pass on a shot.

But can he throw a perfect lob?