YouTube Gamers React To Playing NBA Live 19

One of the biggest issues with NBA Live 18 was the movement of the players that were stiffer than some gamers watching NBA2KTV. According to our friend and popular YouTube gamer Jesser The Lazer, EA Sports has fixed that issue in the promising NBA Live 19, the fifth Live game since Jesus Bynum and NBA Elite 11 put the franchise in a coma.

You can check out the graphics and gameplay in the following videos by CashNasty, Kris London, Minimeter, IpodKingCarter and TrayTheKidd (above).┬áKeep in mind some of these videos were sponsored by Live, who also hooked them up with the opportunity to play James Harden 1-on-1 last year, so they probably aren’t going to trash the game if they thought it was trash.

Personally, I think the game looks pretty good and since I grew up on the franchise (even before they started calling it ‘Live’), I’m really hoping to see the game succeed or at least be considered competition to 2K aka the Golden State Warriors of video games.