Zach LaVine 17 points vs the Rockets

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Zach LaVine

I’m not saying I agree with this statement by a YouTuber named hans schwanz but I thought it was amusing enough to repost.

“mix of westbrook and gerald green without the retardation”

The comment was about one of our favorite rookies, Zach LaVine, who put up an impressive 17 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists against the Rockets last night.

Unfortunately his performance was ruined by Nick Johnson, who’s only field goal in the game was a game-winning shot in OT. Many are arguing that it shouldn’t have counted because Nick took some extra steps to the basket.

“We got the win,” a relieved Johnson said after game. “So that’s all that matters.” My excuse for Nick is he’s used to flying instead of driving.

Speaking of flying, Johnson and LaVine, I’m really hoping to see both of the former Ballislife All-Americans at this year’s NBA dunk contest. Zach should be a guarantee to get an invite but considering the NBA is always too busy coming up with new stupid rules and sending invites to players like LeBron, Kobe and Kevin Durant, Nick might be a tough sell.



I also have one last YouTube comment to repost and i’m going to have to apologize to Zach for doing this but it’s just too funny.

BeatsbyZay: His fade is f****d up. Look like somebody put a bowl on his head and cut off the rest of the hair showing.
Chi-Raq: I guess that’s the type of fade you’ll get if u live in Minnesota. High ass Army fade!
BeatsbyZay: LMAO, no real ass barbers in Minnesota