Zach LaVine & Aaron Gordon Had The Best Dunk Off In The Best Dunk Contest Ever


The 1988 dunk contest between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins is known to most as the best dunk off in NBA history. To me, and Nique, and Charles Barkley, it's always been known as a Chicago home job where Nique was robbed.

The 2016 dunk contest between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon, for many, will go down as the new best dunk off in NBA history. And to some (not me), it will also be known as the day Aaron Gordon was robbed in possibly the best dunk contest of all-time.

Is it the best ever? Kenny Smith thinks so, but i'm going to quote Charles Barkley, who said "we live in the moment" and not think too much about where today's event belongs in the history books.  What I will do is give out a few shout outs starting with Zach for dedicating the win to his late coach Flip Saunders (RIP).

I dedicate this dunk contest and the trophy to my late coach, Flip Saunders and the Saunders family. He's the one that always believed in me and drafted me! We all loved Flip and his memory will live on forever!

Shaq deserves a special shout out for making the event more interesting by being the Russian judge and handing out 9s to dunks we have never seen in a NBA contest. And a special shout out goes out to pro dunkers Werm, Guy Dupuy, Kenny Dobbs, Reemix and all the guys you see on TFB and Dunkademics for creating these epic dunks.