Zach LaVine CRUSHES 2 Hand Windmill on The Break | Top 10 Plays From Seattle Pro Am All-Star Game!

Here are the top 10 plays from Sunday's Seattle Pro Am All-Star game which featured rookie Zach LaVine, Jamal Crawford, Terrence Jones, Tony Wroten, Mike James, Spencer Hawes, Will Conroy & More!

  1. Zach LaVine 2 hand windmill on the break
  2. Crawford with a buzzer beating 3-pointer
  3. Nasty poster dunk makes a defender fall
  4. Mikes James oop from LaVine
  5. Tony Wroten windmill
  6. LaVine 1 hand oop from Mike James
  7. Jamal Crawford 4-point play on Zach LaVine
  8. Mike James off the backboard dunk
  9. Spencer Hawes around the back and then dunk
  10. Terrence Jones reverse dunk

There's a lot of wonderful people behind the Seattle Pro-Am but Jamal Crawford is the main man behind it and the reason why basketball fans in Seattle get to enjoy great basketball for at least a couple of months each year. During an interview we did with Jamal Crawford last week, we told him that he should have won the Walter Kennedy Award by now for all that he does for the community so it was nice to see to see him honored with the "Mr Washington State" Award yesterday for his "devotion to service and enhancing the lives of others."

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