Zach LaVine Drops Defender, Scores 49 Points At 2016 Seattle Pro-Am All-Star Game

For the third year in a row, 2 x NBA dunk champ Zach LaVine of Bothell High in WA put on a show at the Seattle Pro-Am.  LaVine dropped a game-high 49 points and had one of the highlights of the game when he dropped a defender to the ground, hit a jumper and laughed down the court.

But don't think Jamal Crawford was going to let Zach do that to one of his teammates, on his court, without being reminded who in the game has the nastiest handles and who you want taking the last shot.

Stayed tuned for more highlights of Zach, along with Jamal Crawford, DeJounte Murray and the rest of the All-Star participants. In the meantime, let's just watch Zach's soon-to-be-viral clip a couple of more times from a couple of other angles!