Zach LaVine’s 2 Dunks vs The Celtics is Not Why He’s In & Probably Will Win the Dunk Contest

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Zach LaVine

A pet peeve of mine is when people watch a decent game dunk – like a windmill or 360 – then say “this guy should be in the dunk contest.”  The reason why is because when a player does those dunks or much much more difficult variations of that dunk in the dunk contest, those same people start crying that the NBA should get rid of the dunk contest or there’s nothing new that could be done in the dunk contest.

Let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite to win the 2015 dunk contest – Zach LaVine.  Last night he caught an alley-oop and had a tip dunk against the Celtics. They were good plays and decent dunks but nothing worthy enough to make people say stuff like “this is why he’s going to win the dunk contest” or “watch LaVine warm up for the dunk contest.”  But they did and more.

The reason why LaVine is in and should win the dunk contest is because he can do this.

And this…

Not because he can do this.

I’m more impressed with LaVine hitting 7 of 9 shots, 1 of 1 from 3, getting 3 steals and dishing out 6 assists in just 24 minutes.