Is Zaza Pachulia Dirty Or “Clumsy?”

“I don’t think Zaza is trying to hurt anybody. He is clumsy. Don’t get me wrong, like a lot of big guys are.”

That’s what Kevin Durant had to say about Zaza Pachulia when asked about his teammate landing on the legs of former teammate Russell Westbrook.

Clumsy to me is someone like former NBA player Mark “Mad Dog” Madsen. If you remember watching him gracefully run (sometimes with just one shoe on) or dance during the Lakers championship parades then you probably know why I thought of him. Even KD’s teammate JaVale McGee — more appearances on Shaqtin’ a Fool than any other player — is a good candidate for being called “clumsy.” But not Zaza, who had everyone from Kyrie Irving to Damian Lillard cursing online after his latest “dirty” play and incident with Westbrook.

If you need a refresher, here’s a compilation of clips of Zaza being “dirty” or “clumsy” and some reactions, including the time Coach Popovich went off after Zaza “unintentionally” injured Kawhi Leonard.

“Who gives a damn what his intent was.” Said an angry Popovich. “You ever hear of manslaughter? You still go to jail. I think when your texting and end up killing somebody, but you might not have intended to do that.”