Zaza Pachulia’s And-1 3-Pointer Attempt Was So Awful The NBA Didn’t Even Consider It An Attempt

It seems like we are talking about a Warriors’ center doing something Shaqtin’ a Fool worthy after every Warriors’ game, but this time it isn’t Shaq’s favorite center to pick on, JaVale McGee…maybe because he only played four minutes. This time it’s Zaza Pachulia for trying to draw a foul on DeAndre Jordan at the 3-point line…with 16 seconds left on the shot clock.  The attempt was so awful, the official NBA stats just called it a turnover and gave JJ Redick a steal for catching the air ball.

Besides the obvious, why was this attempt so ridiculous? It’s because in 14 NBA season, Zaza has never ever made a 3-pointer; he’s currently 0-24. In 2012, he did make a shot from past half-court but of course it came right after the horn.