Zion Williamson 45 Points, 20 Rebounds, 2 Viral Dunks In A 72-Point Win

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Zion Williamson

45 points, 20 rebounds and 5 assists in an 87-15 win! Just another day for a 16-year old kid. Well, if that kid was a 6’7, 230 pound man-child that goes viral on a daily basis and counts Drake as a fan.

If the 72-point beatdown wasn’t embarrassing enough for Greenwood Christian, two of the dunks from the Spartanburg Day forward went viral.

“I use the Mike Tyson quote where he says, ‘Everybody has a plan until I come out and hit them in the mouth,’” Greenwood Christian coach Joshua Chiles said to the Index-Journal. “We had a plan, but they hit us in the mouth.”

It was more like Zion hit them in the mouth and knocked every tooth out of it. I think a good follow-up quote would be one from Chris Tucker in the movie Friday.