13 Minutes of Larry Bird Abusing Defenders With Post Moves

Published on August 18th, 2017 by Astramskas, David | 5,593 views

How do you want it: spin move, turn around jumper, jump hook, dunk, left hand or right hand lay up?

Larry Bird’s offensive game was as beautiful as he was ugly. His name is rarely mentioned in the top three shooters of all-time but I’ll take him over Jesus (Shuttlesworth that is) or any Golden State Warrior to take a last shot. And despite having less athleticism in his prime than a Washington Wizard Michael Jordan, I would gladly bet my kid’s college education on Bird taking a final shot over his airness. I’m not saying Bird is more “clutch” than Jordan but I just liked seeing how much more defeated a defender looked after having a slow white guy with a bad back hit a game-winner over them, especially if the defender was told by the legendary trash-talker exactly how it was going to happen.

You probably think I’m overrating him right now and waiting for me to say he was better than LeBron.

Besides being everything mentioned above, Bird was also a great rebounder and playmaker who could handle the ball and play D better than YouTube videos will tell you. Another aspect of his game lost among countless YouTube vids of him hitting jumpers to non hip-hop music is that his post up game was better than 99% of the current league.

Thankfully BasketballJones48021 complied this 13-minute montage of Bird showing he was just as deadly with his back to the basket as he was facing it.



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