5’10 Jeff Remmington windmill dunks on a trash talker “run that back I ain’t jump right”

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When a dude thinks what u do is for fake lol #theblackangelofdeath claims another soul Look how he look at the rim in shock lmao #remrocker #airremmy #mrwatchyohead #cleartheway

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If you were watching the Drew League games this summer then you know about 5’10 Jeff Remmington and his insane hops. Well, the guy getting dunked on in the above video thought Jeff was all hype and wanted to see, up close and personal, if Jeff really could sky.  So Jeff provided some proof. 

But of course your typical delusional trash talker will come up with an excuse like “I ain’t jump right” and want to see if you could repeat what you just did and what the trash-talker doesn’t want to accept. 

Well, the trash talker was kind of right because Jeff didn’t repeat the 1 hand dunk he did the first time….he windmilled it! 




So he throws me the ball back and say “run that back I ain’t jump right” I said ok me either. Look at what happens!!! Even worst that the first time lol #blackangelofdeath #BallUpSummerTour #theblackangelofdeath #bad #ballislife #bounce #windmill #dunks #mrwatchyohead #cleartheway #airremmy #remrocker


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What about 2 out of 3?!

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