3SSB Omaha: Notebook, Part II

I’m going to close out my two recaps from my time in Omaha, Nebraska for Adidas 3SSB Session with a review on the players from Texas and Oklahoma-based travel ball programs. Let’s dive in to what I evaluated!

Southern Assault

The 17U didn’t have an ideal showing, going 1-3 last weekend but the silver lining was the play from 2025 D.J. Hall. A player that I have received numerous calls from, from various collegiate levels. Hall averaged 14.7 ppg and 7.2 rpg a game and Hall just showed his versatility offensively. A burly built forward standing at about 6'6-6'7, Hall is a skilled 4-man that can dribble, pass and shoot. Most of his damage is in the post, using advanced footwork, a large frame and plus length to generate space to score. An adequate mid-range shooter, high level passer from 15 feet in and as the games went on, he rebounded and started igniting breaks.

Players like him can be a challenge to evaluate. What is the right level for Hall? He doesn’t play above the rim and I do wish he was a little bit taller, but his feel and skill allows him to be very productive and players like him have been successful at the D1 level. I’ve said it in the past about other guys and I’ll say it again...He’s someone that, regardless if it's low, mid or high major D1, the program that values what he is and utilizes him right will get a stud.


The 2026 group went 2-2 and two players stood out to me. Big man Davion Adkins and guard/wing Alex Barther. Adkins has freakish athleticism. Skies for blocks and dunks and one play, he snatched a shot with two hands and hit his head on the backboard. His effort, athleticism and touch with his hook shots, Adkins has emerged as a top 30-40 player in the country and can jump to 5-Star status at some point in his high school career. I think there’s a lot more to unlock from a face-up and overall skill facet as well.

Barther led the team in scoring as he shot it well in spot-ups from three, rebounded well due to 95 percent of his basketball career, he's played the post. Also liked when games got tight, he posted up smaller defenders and used height advantage. Another player that’s on the national scenes in the 2026 class.

Team Trae Young

The 17U group probably want to forget Omaha, but most importantly learn from what didn’t work. They went 0-4. I did think Jaylen Lawal showed he’s a no brainer D1 player and will garner a couple offers throughout the spring/summer. Four-star guard Carlsheon Young can score it in bunches. A very talented player that just didn’t get in a rhythm offensively that I'm accustomed to him being in. Damario Adams is a 6’7 wing-forward that holds an assortment of skills. An intriguing prospect that during the live periods, if Adams can string together a couple high level games, can see his stock skyrocket. Tough weekend for them but they’ll clean up the main areas of concern especially with lack of ball movement and questionable shot selection and I expect them to be better going forward.


The 2026 squad ended with an even record of 2-2. Bryce Dixon is a wing prospect that exudes toughness. Gets to the rim on drives, rebounds in traffic, fights for the loose ball and improving his perimeter game. Defensively, Dixon takes charges, does a good job keeping the ball-handler in front and uses strength to push out taller guys that try to post him up. I think he has a good IQ for the game, and once his skill matches that and the motor, he’ll see himself in a different tier than he’s at currently.

The other prospect that stood out to me was Brandon Malone. A 6’6-6’7 forward that ran the floor hard, made trail threes and finished at the rim. His ability to stretch the floor allows him to mix it up and attack the rim from the top of the key because the defender is closing out harder on him. One to keep tabs of.

ASAK Elite

The 2025 group went 2-2 on the weekend. 2026 Bo Ogden played up and was very good. Shot it well from deep and I like that he can get his feet set quickly on the move and launch. His motor and effort to secure offensive rebounds or just keep the play alive stood out to me. A no-brainer top 75 level prospect nationally in my opinion and you can argue higher. 2025 Aiden Disu has a lot of potential. The first game in ASAK’s win vs MASS Rivals, he collected 16 points and 11 rebounds. A sturdy built wing that can score inside and out and guard multiple positions when locked in on that end. Rising senior Uzziyah Bunton was very solid as well. Managed the games well and scored when the opportunities were present. Sometimes his production goes beyond what the box-score stats say.


This team also probably wants to forget Omaha as well. They were winless in the first session. Second half scoring droughts hurt them in close battles.

2026 Billy White is about 6’7 and shoots the cover off the ball. His size and confidence as a shooter allows him to make tough shots. A very dependable perimeter threat that doesn’t need much time to get his shot off. Will rise in the national top 150 before his high school career is over.

Silas Rodriguez was productive. Shot it well from three, can make shots off the dribble and uses angles very well when finishing vs traffic. Silas' feel for the game is a plus and as an off ball mover, he puts himself in advantageous opportunities to score the ball. One trait I do think about Silas that can go unnoticed is he has an edge about him that allows him to make his presence known in games.

One Time Legends

I didn’t get to evaluate their 16U club but I will at the next stop I’m at. The 2025 group went 2-2 and I liked how the team played together. Unsigned senior Jakeel Registe was good. Averaged 16 ppg and his blend of athleticism and shot creation stood out. He utilized jab steps to keep defenders honest before he launched and when he was near the rim, Registe finished with dunks but also showed off his hang-time and finished well around translatable length and size. The talent is there, he’s a D1 level prospect and the next 30-35 days will be big for him.

2025 Dasean Brodie has always intrigued me. A lefty with a good basketball frame, makes shots from deep and has a solid feel for rebounding the basketball. One to keep tabs throughout the summer and see where his recruitment goes.


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