Seriously? This GSW Fan Yelled “How Does It Feel To Be A P***Y A** B****” At LeBron

Published on June 10th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 27,527 views

“LeBron how does feel to be a pussy ass bitch?” yelled the female Golden State Warrior fan who probably doesn’t deserve the expensive tickets she had for GM2.

My question to her parents is “how does it feel to have a daughter who screams obscene stuff like this at strangers in a public place?”

My question to her husband (if she has one) is “how does it feel to see your wife and/or mother of your children acting that way?.”

My question to any children she may have is “how does it feel to see your role model acting that way?”

My question to her friends is “Is this normal behavior?”

If it is normal behavior

then I would be pretty embarrassed to take her anywhere that requires her to be off her leash.

Well, if her friends do break-up with her then she could always send a friend request to the psycho Miami fan who wasn’t too fond of Noah (who isn’t too fond of LeBron).


It’s always amuses me when most of these brave fans shut up when they are confronted by the player they are crossing the line with.  Despite having assassin in his nickname, Steph Curry might be the least intimidating looking player in the league and look what happened between Steph and this fan a few years ago.



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