Storytime: An Unknown Michael Jordan Dominates 5-Star Basketball Camp in 1980

Published on February 18th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 13,249 views

“Five-Star changed how I felt about basketball and my future. It was the turning point of my life.” -Michael Jordan

In a day where we now rank 4th graders and video mixtapes of middle-school kids have millions of views on YouTube, it’s hard to imagine a future great player being an “unknown” in high school. But 30 years ago it was a very different story and the greatest of the greats was one of those unknowns.

Before Michael Jordan played at the Five-Star basketball camp in the summer of 1980, the GOAT only had two scholarship offers – 24 hours later, there wasn’t a school in the nation that didn’t want him and you know the rest of the story.




20 years after his Five-Star debut, Jordan returned to the camp to watch his son perform and to school a bunch of cocky campers.



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