Houston Strip Club Retires James Harden’s Jersey(?!) + More Great Harden Strip Club Stories

NSFW WARNING: If you are an adult that takes things too seriously, a little kid who has only heard rap songs put out by Kidz Bop or an idiot who will read this and think I’m actually saying something negative about James Harden then please exit this page and click on one of the 10,000 Ball family videos we have on the site. 

When James Harden signed his extension on July 8th, I tweeted, “a lot of happy people in Houston right now” along with my favorite pics of my pick for MVP with some lovely ladies. The tweet was an obvious reference to his well-known popularity at H-Town strip clubs.

On a recent episode of the “Joe Budden Podcast,” a great story was told about how one of these H-Town strip clubs “gave him his own jersey hanging” because of the amount of money he has spent at the location. This story might be shocking to a lot of people but I actually have a couple of funny tales about the Beard spreading his wealth in the community and helping young ladies “go to college.” Here’s the only one I can share from my personal experience and I actually first posted this back in 2015 in honor of Harden’s birthday.

About a year ago, my friend is at a local men’s club in Houston and notices behind the girl on the pole is a giant wall-sized poster of James Harden. It wasn’t his birthday and he didn’t have a party going on that night. The club just had a giant wall-sized poster of James Harden! So my friend asked one of the workers about him and she called him a “legend” and then proceeded to ask my friend if he wanted a dance at $20 a song or three for $100. He pulled out a hundred and said, “I’ll take five.” When he and the lovely but horrible negotiator left, I continued to stare at the big poster of the “legend” and said, “why not?” This city is lucky to have one of the best and most unique players and personalities in the league

Speaking of birthdays, the first Harden goes Hard at strip clubs stories came back in 2012, when the former Thunder 6th Man-made it rain at Sue’s in New York.

The next great one came a few months later as he used some of his new Rockets income to make a nice donation to Houston Dreams dancer Jasmine, who thanked Harden online on Facebook (seriously, she used to use Facebook).

Around the same time, there was a rumor that OKC clubs were experiencing massive layoffs and a lot of the girls were taking their talents to South Beach and Atlanta.

There have been a couple of other not-so-positive stories about Harden and strip clubs over the past few months but you can Google those because I’m just sticking with stories that should make you smile like Harden in the above pic.

So congrats to Harden on the first of many jersey retirements and hopefully one day we will be hearing about a club hanging a Miles Plumlee jersey.