Tearjerker! Military Mom surprises her son during a basketball game

Published on January 17th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 50,311 views

I dare you not to tear up while watching this video and don’t tell me your eyes are sweating.

13 year old basketball player Derrick Jenkins was setup by his parents and the coaches of the two teams playing so he could recieve a surprise visit from his mother, Lt. Col. Cotina Jenkins-Sellers, who has spent the last 8 months in Kuwait.

The refs called a fake tech on the opposing teams coach and Derrick was sent to the free throw line to shoot some freebies. ¬†When he missed the 2nd free throw, his mother, who was standing behind him, said “Oh that’s alright Derrick.” ¬†Derrick was shocked to say the least and got very emotional as he collapsed over by a wall before hugging his mother.

Bring out the tissues.

Source: KSAT.com


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