The Evolution of LeBron James In Video Games (2004-2018) A rating fit for a king 🔥 98 overall for our 20th Anniversary Edition cover athlete @kingjames. What do you think? #NBA2K19 A post shared by ...(Read more)

The Evolution of LeBron James In Video Games (2004-2018)

It’s hard to believe a player rating of 98 would upset people but a lot of people are bitching online about LeBron James not being a 99 in the upcoming NBA 2K19.

I think 98 for the cover athlete and new Laker is just fine for now. And I can also remember his video game debut way back in 2004, when the game was known as ESPN NBA basketball and he was just a 78. If you think that’s low, he was a 69 in NBA Live!

Here’s a video about his progression from 2K4 to 2K18, followed by a video showing his evolution in the NBA (Still a)Live franchise.

And I can’t forget NBA Jam in 2010!


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