Cezar Guerrero Drops 46 on Mater Dei – Top Unsigned PG

Published on September 17th, 2011 by Matt S. Rodriguez | 808 views

Cezar Guerrero plays on a modest team in St John Bosco. When I say modest I don’t mean it as a diss to Bosco at all. What I mean is that Guerrero is the only D1 recruit on his team. While Mater Dei has a starting 5 of high major recruits as well as a bench of college recruits. Mater Dei was supposed to beat Bosco by 30, trust me I was telling people that before the game. Guerrero rallied his team to not just give 100% but 150% for the entire game. He led his team tirelessly into battle to only take an 8 point loss in a game that was constantly having the other team take the lead. I say all of this because people say Cezar is just a scorer. As a pg you need to lead, pick up your teammates and make them better. In this game Bosco played their hearts out, and Cezar almost beat Mater Dei on the offensive end by himself. He’s a leader, and a pg that is not willing to back down. He’s not only fighting an uphill battle, but he’s running full speed up hill without stopping. “Ceeze the moment”.

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