Gary Payton interviews Kobe about new contract, Nike shoes & his return

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Big Brother Gary Payton was reunited with Little Brother Kobe for this Fox Sports Live interview where GP asks Kobe about his return, his new controversial contract, new Nike shoes and the future of the Lakers.

An amusing moment comes at the 4:30 mark when Gary Payton asks if LA belongs to the Lakers or the Clippers and Kobe pulls off a Shaq impersonation by saying “C’mon stop it, stop it.”  He then says one day the city might become the Clippers but he will be dead and gone by then.

Kobe also get to “toot his horn” in a rapid fire true or false segment where Kobe picks himself as the best scorer, best all-around and smartest player in the league.

Although GP considers Kobe his “little brother,” fans of the 90s Lakers will always consider Eddie Jones to be Kobe’s “big brother.”

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