Brawl Between Players & Refs Breaks Out At AAU Basketball Game Clip I received…team actually jumps the refs! Can’t make this up…see for yourself! @aau_bingo — Doug Jones (@djones8301) July 8, 2018 If you were disgusted ...(Read more)

Brawl Between Players & Refs Breaks Out At AAU Basketball Game

If you were disgusted at the sight of last week’s FIBA brawl between Australia and the Philippines then you will really be shaking your head at the sight of this AAU brawl between players and the adult refs.

The game between Chicago’s R.A.W. (Real Athletes Work) Athletics and Houston Raptors took place Sunday morning in Atlanta. From the video above, the brawl started with less than a minute left in the game as three players on the RAW team pushed an official lying on the ground.

In the following video, you can see a close-up of the chaos and now-shirtless official getting punched on the ground.

The coach of the RAW team, Howard Martin, tweeted the following statement about the fight and the videos being posted online.

A ref actually walked up on one of our players and attacked him. Everyone tried to break it all up, then the ref’s father (who was working a game on a different court) ran over to our court and rushed our guys..everyone in the gym, the other team and the directors saw everything.

The people recording were with the team we were playing against, towards the end of the video the guy says he’s never seen a ref go at a player before and he literally points at the ref and says “Is he on drugs or what.”

Regardless of who “started it,” this was a disgusting look for everyone involved and I don’t think tweeting justification and avoiding responsibility is a good idea.


More examples of high school basketball players showing immaturity and bad judgement by assaulting an official.

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