Ankle breaker of the Day: Girls gets crossed at Urban Basket Tournament

“Breaking ankles” is the only acceptable “act of violence” a man is allowed to do to a woman. In this example of that act of violence, Swiss Streetball player Valentin “NDJEK” Ndjekeri broke the ankles of this female defender (he also pushed her but let’s let push-offs slide) at the 3-on-3 Urban Basketball Tournament. Since we are considering this act acceptable, we can also laugh at the play¬†– especially since it ends with an airball.

We can also laugh when it happens to babies because this act of violence is also acceptable on children.

Obviously the face of a woman is off-limits although some “facials” fall in a gray area. Like this one.

Just remember, Rule no. 161 of the The Rules of Gentleman says “A gentleman never hits a girl, ever.”
Rule no. 56 is “if she slaps you, you probably deserved it”

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