Bruce Bowen’s Greatest (Dirty) Hits, Kicks & Trips

Published on May 15th, 2017 by Astramskas, David | 16,498 views


As the video of Coach Popovich ripping Zaza Pachulia, while talking about manslaughter goes viral, it’s only fair I dig in the archives and pull out some of the greatest hits, kicks and trips by one of his former players. A player who has a longer list of annoyed opponents — Kobe, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, Chris Paul, etc, etc — than Zaza. A player many consider one of the dirtiest, if not dirtiest player in NBA history. A player I thought was going to make (bad) coach Isiah Thomas turn back into Bad Boy Piston after Bowen undercut Jamal Crawford. A player Coach Pop used to defend by saying things like, “the people who cry about (Bruce) are just frustrated about having to go against Bruce.” A player that goes by the name of Bruce Bowen.

Before I get into his greatest hits, it’s only fair I do mention he’s a member of eight All-Defensive Teams (five 1st team) and three NBA championship teams.


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