Hot Sauce’s Top 10 Crossovers + Full Movie

Published on July 28th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 20,389 views

When the VHS tape And1 Mixtape Vol. 3 dropped back in 2000 via FootAction stores, the biggest story was the new guy showing off handles and moves that the world has never seen before. ¬†Even NBA players were talking about the ankle breaking streetballer named Philip Champion aka Hot Sauce aka Sizzerman aka Hot Sizzle. ¬† His memorable crossover was so deadly that he even got a starring role in the not so memorable film…ok absolutely horrible film ‘Crossover.’

Don’t think I’m alone on hating this film because it’s currently ranked #11 on the IMDB worst films of all-time. So if you enjoy Hot Sauce and streetball moves, I suggest you watch this 80 minute movie about Philip Champion by Albrto Entertainment instead.




Ballislife | And 1 Hot Sauce Ad

Ballislife | Allen Iverson and Hot Sauce



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