June 6, 2001: Allen Iverson Steps Over Tyronn Lue

Published on June 6th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 16,489 views

It’s undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments in basketball history.

Regardless of what era you want to talk about, from grade school to old-man pick-up games, everyone wanted just one opportunity to do it.6 Hell, it’s still on my bucket list to this day. I’m talking of course about the signature step over Allen Iverson did to Lakers guard Tyronn Lue in game one of the 2001 NBA Finals – June 6th 2001 to be exact.

It was textbook from the get-go with Iverson flawlessly conducting another ankle-breaking highlight by grabbing the ball in the corner, taking Lue baseline, then proceeding with cutting back by going through the legs and pulling up for the long two. Everything was perfect. From Iverson’s smooth move, to the way Lue fell behind him. Hollywood couldn’t script it any better if they tried and not even the greatest of actors could have played it out any more perfect. After Iverson drained the shot, he turned around to run back on defense and saw Lue lying right in front of him. So what would you do? If you were Iverson, you would give the coldest stare you’ve ever lain on anyone and then proceed to go slow motion over them.

As much as we love to celebrate this moment every  year as if it was a holiday, Lue doesn’t care for the invites and had a pretty funny reply.

But don’t think Lue is a total Scrooge about the play. He did pose with this guy.


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