Kobe Fan vs Michael Jordan (51 Years Old) One on One

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| July 19th, 2014 | 42,878 Views

At last year’s annual Nike Air Jordan Basketball Academy, a 50 year old Michael Jordan showed he still had some air in his game even with the extra pounds in his gut.  This year, the 51 year old Jordan made it memorable by handpicking a Kobe fan for a 1-on-1 game – we wont ruin it by telling you what happens.

The most amusing part about this video is arguably what the campers are saying in the background and not the actual one on one game.

For those who want to see some footage of the real Kobe playing MJ, then enjoy this video of Kobe scoring 55 points (42 in the 1st half) against a 40 year old Jordan in 2003.

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