We have all seen “the shot” a million times but there’s a good chance you have never seen it from this angle. Here’s some words from ...(Read more)

Rare live footage of Michael Jordan’s “The Shot over Ehlo” + post game interview

We have all seen “the shot” a million times but there’s a good chance you have never seen it from this angle.

Here’s some words from the man who witnessed the game live and uploaded this rare footage.

It was a best of 5 series, and the Bulls were up 2-1 going into game 4 in Chicago. Jordan virtually guaranteed a win prior to that game, but he missed a key free throw late, and the Cavs escaped forcing a game 5 back in Cleveland….where they held a 38-5 home record.

The game was on a Sunday afternoon, and I flew in that morning and drove straight to the Richfield Coliseum. As was his custom, Jordan would seldom go out for the pre-game team warm-up, so I went to the Bulls locker room, to find him sitting by himself. He asked me to see the Sunday papers I had with me, and asked what the buzz was back home. I told him most media folks gave the Bulls credit for a well played series, but it would be tough to win game 5 on the road, against a good Cavs team. He said, “we’re not going to lose, come see me after the game”. Ok M, see you then I said. Keep that conversation in mind as hear me lose it, after “The Shot” goes in.

What you’re about to see is the final few baskets of a back and forth finish, and a classic shootout between Jordan and a very gutsy Craig Ehlo.This amazing footage was shot by the best sports cameraman I know, Chuck Davidson. Chuck, reporter Rich King, and I sat on the floor, as history played out before us.

Milestone birthdays happen to all of us, if we’re lucky. But when they happen to great athletes, it marks time differently. We want to remember the fresh faced kid from North Carolina, not the crusty 50 year old team owner. Michael Jordan was/is far from perfect, none of us are…but for those who paid to watch him play, MJ never took a night off, and brought his best everytime he hit the floor. He remains the best ever, and I consider myself lucky to have witnessed moments like this

Lucky is an understatement.  He didn’t just witness a great moment by the GOAT but he witnessed THE moment Michael Jordan became a “winner” in the eyes of many critics who only saw MJ as a phenomenal basketball talent on a losing team.





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