Best memes of Shaq falling during half-time show, Shaq offering $500 for best Meme

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Shaquille O'Neal

If you tuned into the half-time show of the Clippers and Rockets game hoping to hear some insight about the game then you were out of luck. If you tuned in hoping to see why Inside the NBA is one of the best shows on TV and why Ernie Johnson just won a Sports Emmy then you were in luck as Shaq acted a fool by getting tripped up on some wires and falling down hard as he tried to beat Kenny Smith to the big replay screen.

The Shaqtin' a fool moment became viral gold and memes were generated within minutes. Shaq even offered to pay $500 for the best meme. I'm sure he's find it in the following batch (shout out to Brandi Garcia - we miss you Houston).